Vancouver, Canada

Discover our flagship store in Vancouver, where the spirit of our hometown comes alive.

Store hours

Monday – Friday



11am – 7pm

10am – 7pm

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Crafting moments of inspired exploration

Nestled in Vancouver’s relaxed beachside neighbourhood of Kitsilano, our first flagship store embodies contemporary design principles and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Designed in collaboration with Leckie Studio, the space employs a restrained palette of materials, textures, and forms to create an environment that is at once serene and inviting, the monochromatic brick and plaster materiality providing a versatile backdrop for showcasing our collection. The store’s design is intentionally experiential, capturing the essence of mindful travel and encouraging guests to appreciate the ephemeral nature of their journeys, aligning with our philosophy of intentional living.

The interior invites guests to engage in a curated multi-sensory experience guided by light, texture, and curiosity. Upon entering the store, visitors are drawn in by a fourteen-foot-high vaulted ceiling in the form of a monumental arch. Inspired by komorebi – a Japanese word describing the sublime beauty of sunlight filtering through trees – dappled, golden light is cast on the face of the plaster arch, creating organic patterns of light and shadow.

Moment portals, featuring immersive 180-degree custom display systems with three-dimensional depth, transport visitors to natural settings from around the world. As guests move around these portals, the scenes subtly shift with parallax, creating the illusion of peering through windows into distant lands. Suspending disbelief, the portals serve to create a feeling of being transported, encouraging visitors to slow down, engage with the present, and reconnect with the joy of discovery.

As guests continue to journey through the space, they are finally met with an undulating brick wall that towers just beyond the arched passage, illuminated by a soft, ethereal light from above that cascades down the hand-laid bricks.