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Everywear Collection

Everywear is our collection of classic and comfortable wardrobe essentials – equally suited to life on the move, in repose, and everything in between.

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Made in Canada

Produced in small batches by local seamsters in Vancouver, BC.

Natural fabrics

We hand-select only the highest-quality plant-based fabrics for our garments.

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We’ll cover shipping on all orders to the contiguous US and Canada.

Everywear comfort

We named our collection “Everywear” because all our pieces are designed for all-day comfort and effortless style – well, everywhere. Made with mid-weight natural fabrics carefully chosen for their silky soft hand feel and breathability, each Everywear garment is designed to drape flatteringly on all body types. Whether it’s lounging at home, catching a flight, or exploring new cities, Everywear brings luxury loungewear comfort to any setting.

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Crafted with care in Canada

Our Everywear collection is proudly designed and made in Canada, produced in small batches in Vancouver, BC. By keeping production local, we can ensure that every piece is made to the highest standards, and that every seamster is paid fairly. And instead of the typical assembly line – where each person only works on one part – we chose a more integrated, circular model in our small production batches.

This is slow fashion, not fast fashion. Rather than pumping out cheap, trendy clothes that fall apart as quickly as they go out of style, we aim to create clothing with intention and care – high-quality, functional garments that will be cherished wardrobe pieces for many years to come.

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Everyday essentials, made for everybody. Relaxed fit for relaxed living.



Flowing lines in a breezy and airy fit. Designed for maximum comfort.

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